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Driving meaningful, tangible results from long-term strategy isn’t easy.  Real change must be created with “both hands” – connecting your vision to the organization’s processes with one hand and to your people with the other. 

Challenges with executing strategies


Parking Lot

“It feels like we are always trying new things without stopping to assess what worked, what didn’t, and why.”

How we address these challenges

From our perspective, strategy execution is all about driving change – focusing on building differentiating capabilities beyond business as usual. This critical component helps create real focus that drives behavior change, rather than overly generic “strategic pillars” that could be true of any organization.

To drive lasting change, organizations must connect their strategies with both processes and people.


Translate vision to tactics and embed within the organization’s processes

Connect the strategy & culture to the people responsible for driving that change

Connecting Strategy with Process

Long-term strategy ends up sitting on a shelf or displayed on a poster with little connection to day-to-day activities of the organization.  The key is to translate your strategy into action by establishing a holistic strategic plan – including focused strategic choices, how to measure progress along the way, and how to connect it with key organizational processes (e.g., budgeting, performance management, etc.).  We help organizations do this by focusing on areas such as:

  • Strategy Design

  • Strategy Management

  • Balanced Scorecard Creation

  • Initiative Portfolio Management

  • Performance Management & Governance

  • Experience Co-Creation


Connecting Strategy with People

Strategies don’t just impact processes and systems, they impact people.  It is critical that individuals understand the change, are bought into it, and have the capabilities required to ultimately own their contributions to the change the organization is trying to drive.  The key is understanding what the strategy means for them and what they do differently because of it.  They must be able to answer these three questions:

We help organizations do this focusing on areas such as:

  • Workforce Planning

  • Goal & Incentive Alignment

  • Strategic Communication

  • Change Management

  • Culture Transformation

  • Leadership & Team Effectiveness